What is Second State

WebAssembly for cloud services

The Second State Virtual Machine (SSVM) and compiler toolchain (SOLL) power decentralized applications as the execution engine for leading public blockchains, such as Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum Classic, Polkadot / Web3, Oasis, and CyberMiles.

The Second State BUIDL IDE brings the cloud experience to decentralized apps (DApps) developers. It is an entirely browser-based IDE that enables you to

  • Write, compile, and deploy smart contracts (Solidity & Lity)

  • Develop rule-based smart contracts using the Lity rules engine

  • Develop & run JavaScript DApps based on smart contracts

  • Access web3 & smart contract search engine JS libraries

  • Allow other people to run your H5 JavaScript DApp

  • Interact with your own Second State blockchain

Create and publish a blockchain-based web application (known as Decentralized Apps or Dapps) in 5 minutes. Get the book!

The Second State Virtual Machine (SSVM) is a WebAssembly runtime optimized for server-side applications. It has applications beyond the blockchain.

Node.js and Rust developers get started here! Create high performance Rust + JavaScript hybrid apps in Node.js.

Second State is a Venture Capital backed startup with offices in USA, Taiwan, China, and Australia.