What is Second State

Second State builds WebAssembly execution engines, frameworks, and developer toolchain for the cloud. The Second State Virtual Machine (SSVM) is a WebAssembly runtime optimized for server-side applications. It provides a managed alternative to unsafe code on the server side, such as native code for high performance, AI, or big data operations, or user submitted code for serverless or SaaS services.

The Second State BUIDL IDE brings the cloud experience to decentralized apps (DApps) developers. It is an entirely browser-based IDE that enables you to

  • Write, compile, and deploy smart contracts (Solidity & Lity)

  • Develop rule-based smart contracts using the Lity rules engine

  • Develop & run JavaScript DApps based on smart contracts

  • Access web3 & smart contract search engine JS libraries

  • Allow other people to run your H5 JavaScript DApp

  • Interact with your own Second State blockchain

Second State provides turn-key blockchain and smart contract solutions for businesses. Second State blockchains are programmable by its enterprise customers, optimized for business use cases, and completely open source. They are supported by commercial service agreements. The paper below describes our approach.