This document describes how to build the Second State DevChain.

Binary build

Binary builds of the Second State DevChain are limited to Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.

Ubuntu 16.04

First, let’s install and update necessary packages on a clean Ubuntu 16.04 install.

$ sudo apt update -y
$ sudo apt install -y curl wget git bison build-essential

Next, you must have GO language version 1.10+ installed. The easiest way to get GO 1.10 is through the GVM. Below are the commands.

$ bash < <(curl -s -S -L
$ gvm install go1.10.3 -B
$ gvm use go1.10.3 --default

Now, pull the devchain source code from Github, and then build the binary executable for Ubuntu 16.04.

$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make all

Once successful, the binary executable from the build is $GOPATH/bin/devchain.

$ which devchain

CentOS 7


Docker build

First, install Docker.

$ sudo apt install
$ sudo usermod -a -G docker $USER

Log out and then log back in. Clone the repository from Github to your build machine.

$ git clone
$ cd devchain

Next, build a Docker image for the build environment.

$ docker build -t secondstate/devchain-build -f .
Successfully tagged secondstate/devchain-build:latest

Finally, you can build the Docker image of the node.

$ docker build -t secondstate/devchain .
Successfully tagged secondstate/devchain:latest

You can now see the Docker image you just built.

$ docker image ls
REPOSITORY                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
secondstate/devchain         latest              c800759441b6        5 minutes ago       246MB
secondstate/devchain-build   latest              364c7a4700b9        4 hours ago         732MB
ubuntu                        16.04               a3551444fc85        7 days ago          119MB

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