Create and deploy your first public blockchain-based app in 5 minutes
BUIDL is a browser-based IDE that enables developers to create and deploy Decentralized Applications (DApps) on blockchains with ease. For the impatient, watch the Getting started video below.

Before BUIDL

Before BUIDL came along, developers would have to endure many steps in order to deploy a DApp on a public blockchain. The old way was time consuming, taking between 4 to 8 hours to complete the entire setup. The following steps are an example of what developers used to do in the past.
    Install the Chrome browser
    Create and manage accounts in metamask
    Beg for tokens to add to accounts
    Install compiler and deployment tools
    Write, compile, debug, and deploy smart contracts
    Test and debug on Ethereum networks
      Response time is in minutes or even hours
    Write DApp
    Setup a personal web server
    Deploy the DApp to the web server
    Test and debug
      Response time is in minutes


Now with BUIDL, you can write and deploy your DApp in just minutes.
Go to http://buidl.secondstate.io from any browser, including smartphones.

The BUIDL advantage

What are you waiting for? Getting started now!
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